Tombstone Pillow is a 12-minute film, set in a cemetery in the Philippines where 6,000 people live, about a heartless heiress, forced on the run with a poor graveyard girl who teaches her life’s real riches.

It was filmed over three days by multi-award winning directors Bayou Bennett and Daniel Lir, with the cinematographer and production services team that made the Oscar entry for the Philippines in 2018. Many of the extras in the film are the people who still live in the cemetery today. 

Due to the heartbreaking subject of “Tombstone Pillow,” as well as it being selected from fierce competition to both Oscar and BAFTA qualifying film festivals, it has also been a favourite with festivals that concentrate on films with humanitarian subjects.


Winner of Gold Award for "Inspirational Film", The Venice Film Awards

Winner of "Best Screenplay" and "Best Cinematography", The Global Short Film Awards

Winner of Gold Award for "Inspirational Film", The Hollywood Movie Awards 

Winner of "Best Social Theme" short, Concepcion Independent Film Awards 

Winner of Gold Award for "Inspirational Film", New York Movie Awards 

Nominated for “Special Jury Recognition",  Global Impact Film Festival


Winner of “Best Drama” at ICP Screening Series.

Winner of “Best Short” at ARFF Amsterdam

Nominated for “Best Short” and “Best Cinematography”, Asian Cinematography Awards.


Nominated Best Director, NYCIFF

Directed by Bayou Bennett and Daniel Lir
Produced by Dream Team Directors and Timeless Entertainment
Starring: Lourdes Duque Baron and Kendra Sison De Mesa
Screenplay by: Fraser Kee Scott
Director of Photography: Mycko David
Editor: Bella Jones
Music: Hagay Mizrahi
Production Design: Marielle Hizon

The film