Tombstone Pillow was shot exclusively in one of the largest cemeteries in Manila, the Philippines -



The slums in Manila are so overcrowded and in such bad condition that 6,000 people decided rather than live in the slums they will live among the dead. The cemetery dwellers sleep, eat, go to school and perform all of the other functions of living in and around tombs – they literally use tombstones for pillows.

The cemetery has no running water or trash collection system and is plagued by cockroaches so hygiene is a major problem and disease rampant. The only electricity in the cemetery is used illegally so when night falls there are no street lights, and the entire cemetery is cloaked in darkness, making sleeping there terrifying.

While the living conditions are appalling, the families have created a community in the graveyard – children play cricket, loud music blares and various foods and sweets are sold to the children who run playfully through the graveyard. While the smiles on the faces of many of the graveyard inhabitants is testament to the fact “money can’t buy you happiness”, money can buy them protection from disease, illiteracy and early death, which is what the fund we are raising money for aims to do.






The Cemetery